Thursday, November 29, 2007


I'm catching up on telling about things that have happened the last few weeks.

This is the story of the tipped water glass.We were on our way south on some Interstate or other that wasn't in good repair (they often aren't -- cracks, bumps) and the truck was lurching and I said I hated to see what the inside of the camper would look like, with stuff getting shaken all around.

Then I remembered I'd been working on a quart glass of water as we got ready to go, and told Steve I didn't remember finishing it and hoped I hadn't left it sitting on the counter. "It's finished now," he said. Yeah, probably all over the floor, warping the wood laminate.

When we stopped, I opened up the camper to check the damage. Here's what had become of the glass:

Here's a closer view. It had slid across the counter to the edge of the cutting board and somehow found a resting place there. Look at the vertical lines around it to appreciate the angle.

Here's how another shelf fared. Anything not velcroed down had tried to make a break from the duct tape we had across the front.

That angled thing on top was, in fact, attached with velcro, but had tried to fall and, kind of like the glass, ended up balanced on its corner held by a few tenacious velcro loops.

I can't believe that glass didn't continue its slide and land on the floor. Gravity is a funny thing.

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KLN said...

Enjoy Austin, and the lovely weather. It's snowy and darn COLD here in the Northeast.