Thursday, November 08, 2007


The Ironman Florida swim has claimed another life.

Dorothy Barnett-Griffin had been clinging to life by a fine thread since being pulled from the water on Saturday, and today the thread broke.

They don't know what happened. Just like Barney Rice, she was in the later part of her swim and for some reason she went under. With the wealth of kayaks on the course, she was rescued immediately.... but immediately wasn't soon enough for whatever had happened to her.

She had children, as Barney did. The children's father, though, died several years ago. Dorothy was doing her Ironman to raise money for Journey of Hope, the organization which helped her work through her grief. At this link you can read what she said about her hopes for Ironman Florida and her desire to help the organization that helped her.

She had remarried and was doing IMFL together with her husband, who finished the swim earlier and was on the bike course when he was notified and taken to the hospital.

I feel so sad.
We all do.

Please pray.

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