Saturday, October 20, 2007

RUNNING.... OWWwwwww....

Running hurts.

My Achilles tendons, and my butt right under the sit-bones. I stretch and ice and stretch and ice and it doesn't get better. This is the pain I had that made the Vermont City Marathon feel like a death march and made me ponder that my running career was over.

In fact, I hardly ran all summer. I hiked and backpacked, trained up for a 5K and ran it, but otherwise I rested from running.

Now I've started again, since I'm pondering the Austin Marathon in February.

Still hurts. Achilles tendons, sit-bones, and, after I run, my lower back, the flat sacral area.

These chronic aggravations have been going since January. I'm so tired of it.

Maybe when we get established in Austin for the winter I'll look into physical therapy. Our insurance doesn't cover massage therapy but it does take PT.

Columbus Marathon is tomorrow and we're here in town but I sure won't be running it.

I'm pleased with today's run, about 11 miles I guess (have to go measure it.) The second hour I was in pain. I guess it's relative, though..... not enough pain to stop running, just enough to make the run miserable. My gymnast granddaughter Gracie (9) ran me through a bunch of stretches with her afterwards. That was fun do do with her and maybe it helped. I'm not tired at all from the run, just that soreness in my tendons and butt.

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Downhillnut said...

Welcome back to blogland, Ellie! Missed ya.

Don't overdo it, eh? There is fun and good health to be found in shorter distances, too.