Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Just so I'm not always all about hiking....

I did my first official Training-For-Austin workout today.

10-min jog warmup, then 6 X 400, supposed to be at 2:15 but my natural "try for 2:15" pace kept me coming in around 2:04. I carried the GPS a few laps to keep it around 6.7 mph (I'd done the math, that's what 2:15 worked out to) but whenever I didn't carry it I went faster.

2-min rest intervals during which I stretched calves and hamstrings and walked around. Iced my Achilles's afterwards. They didn't hurt much running, and don't now. I did shorten my planned 4-lap jog cooldown to one lap plus a one-lap walk, just to be safe on the Achilles.

Tomorrow is a bike day, Friday rest, then Saturday long run, 7 miles according to my training plan. This will seem easy, since I've already got 6 10-milers in the bank in the last month.

On what are supposed to be "easy running/jogging" days, I'm substituting biking to save wear and tear on my chronically-ailing Achilles.

We shall see what happens at Austin. If my old decrepit body makes it through the training.

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ShirleyPerly said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. Since I've gotten into tris, I don't do those easy recovery type of run workouts either. I've read articles that said XT is better, esp. for masters runners.

Keep up the training and glad to see the ticker has moved over a bit!