Sunday, June 02, 2013


I have let my blog lie fallow.

That's because I was tired.

Because I wondered whether there was enough of me to live my life and write about it, too.

But I am going to reseed. The land will support growth again. New crops will sprout.

Speaking of which.....

One of the things that's taking time nowadays is my garden. Now, we live in a 28-foot travel trailer, in an RV park, with no yard. But the church across the road has a big, flat, grassy yard, which they have plowed, divided up into plots, and announced available for gardening. They take no rent for this ground, only a free-will donation, which I am glad to give.

My garden plot has more square footage than our living space.

It's almost all planted. I need to get over there and put in my kale, squash (yellow crookneck, acorn, zucchini, and spaghetti), parsley, potatoes, green beans, and another installment of salad greens (so they don't all come ripe at the same time.... a person can only eat so much salad in a week.)

So, with this blog re-planted, I'm going to let my thoughts for it settle and take root while I go tend my garden.

Be fruitful. Let your love and experiences multiply.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're posting again! I'd gotten out of the habit of occasionally checking.

One of the churches in the local area provides garden plots to whomever wants to plant some food.