Friday, June 01, 2012


I never imagined a fungus this beautiful. I'm going to get as big a print of it as I can. Please don't anyone copy or forward this without asking me first!

The "Knife Edge." White blaze just to right of center on top edge of a rock. This rock-crossing really scared me.   

Moth on White Blaze

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jessie's girl said...

Nice pics Ellie, some great shots. i might steal a copy of the moss for my computer if that's ok with u?? (i will NOT be publishing it)
I hope ur water issues get resolved. Do u take powdered gatorade with u? Also was wondering about how u can add calories to loose LESS weight. I have a backcountry/survivalist catalog ("emergency essentials")that has high calorie food bars (400 cal. in each segment X 4 segments per bar) and wondered if that would help. Ive never tried them but was keeping them in my mind for when i (if ever) get back on the trail again for a long distance hike. The book says they are delicious! lol one type tastes of coconut, the other--shortbread cookies.
let me know if u want to try it. i can get u some or tell u how to find them on the internet.
good luck out there :-D
Jessie's Girl