Sunday, April 29, 2012


Right away, I'll apologize to anyone who googled "AT PREP LIST" hoping to find a way to organize their  own preparation, because this is is more a personal agenda than a one-size-fits-all checklist. Still, I might have included some things you need to do but wouldn't have thought of!

Part of this is making sure the house is ready for my mother to live in alone, and for the people who will be helping her, since this is her house.

True trail-prep stuff I need to do:
  • Sort and pack dehydrated food into meals
  • Put food, meds, off-trail clothes, extra supplies in camper -- my husband will be my resupply :-) 
  • Make him list of buy-as-needed weekly foods I'll need, like cheese, candy bars, oatmeal
  • Alter hiking skirt ($1 thrift-store find, needs pockets and elastic waist put in, 45-minute project)
  • Shorten belt of fanny pack ($.25 thrift-store find, worn in front, easier quick access than backpack pockets)
  • Lose 20 pounds (Yeah, right. This one will only happen while I'm on the trail.
  • Set email lists to "no mail"
  • Buy odds and ends for my gear list
  • Check all gear one more time
  • Pack backpack one last time!
Household projects:
  • Clean family room where a lot of stuff has accumulated
  • Take results of that to Goodwill
  • Take dog and cat to vet for shots (checked their records on a hunch and found they're overdue)
  • Clean our bedroom where a lot of stuff has accumulated (did I just write the same thing?)
  • Clean/sweep front porch
  • Finish re-tiling of kitchen floor (result of procrastination)
  • Clean oven
  • Scythe tall weeds in dog run so it can be mowed (result of procrastination)
  • Burn scrapwood/trash pile in back yard
  • Sweep/vac and wash all floors
  • Clean interior of car
Yesterday I:
  • Cleaned back porch where a lot of stuff had accumulated (I'm positive I already wrote that)
  • Took results of that to Goodwill and landfill
  • My husband and I started re-tiling kitchen floor
This morning, cleaned the fridge before church. Because my mother would never clean it herself while I'm gone.

One last thing:
  • Print this out for myself!!

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