Saturday, February 27, 2010


Garrett County, MD is known for getting the most annual snowfall of any area in the state -- about 116 inches. But this is ridiculous. In the course of three storms since February 5, with no thaws in between, we're close to 250" now for the season.
We got the first storm three weeks ago on a Friday, followed by a second one on Tuesday. After the first storm, the snow was up to my hips (I'm about 5'1".) The second brought it up to my waist. Then we got just dribbling stuff, a couple or 3 inches every day or two, until our total on-the-ground measurement was 53 inches as of last weekend.

Our F250 truck after the second storm.

Digging out the car.

We dug out the truck just a couple days ago. We did not shovel INTO the truck bed; this is how it fell from the sky.
Then, this Thursday and Friday, the day after we shoveled out the truck, we got a third storm. Various sites and sources are waying it was 21 inches. It's hard to tell, since it was accompanied by high winds that blew it into amazing drifts.
I'm not sure what's actual snowfall and what's drift, but this is our son's backyard: in the background, his smokehouse; in the foreground, his daughters' swingset. It's a normal-size swingset.

Here's a zoomed-in shot of the swingset, taken from his back deck.
How do you like them apples???


Steve said...

Glad you're back and cheerful. You folks in the south and east have really gotten it this year. Here in northern Pa we've missed out every time there's been a snow party.

Steve Hanes

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow!! This winter has been unbelievable, even in FL though no snow. Hope you are staying warm!

Anonymous said...

My dad used to tell stories of walking to school on snow at the level of the phone lines (early 1900's Minnesota). Your granddaughter will be able to tell her children that she walked on snow the height of her swingset. :-)