Friday, September 18, 2009


I've cleaned surface dirt off my bike and done a few other get-it-ready things:
  • Switch new computer-holder-gizmo to other side of aerobars to make room for aerobottle
  • Take off hand-pump holder, since I've lost my hand pump
  • Taped down the spring-loaded armrests on my aerobars: I discovered, falling on the Wall, that a smack to the armrest will snap a zip-tie. Luckily that day I had duct tape. I've replaced that with less-conspicuous electrical tape.
  • Cleaned out my water bottles and aerobottle tube and stopper (a shower pouf.)

That duct tape... electrical tape....

My bike does not look like the spiffy, pristine tri-bikes a lot of the racers have. My bike serves me as real wheels much of the time. I ride it to work, to my mother's place, to wherever I need to go when I can't use the truck, or when I need training, or when I don't want to use diesel fuel. My bike has been used, not just "ridden." It is a vehicle, not a toy.

My paint has chips and scratches. The bar tape on my aeros is chewed up from a fall and I decided that, since that doesn't impair its function, the marginal cost of replacing it isn't worth it, even though I'd look classier.

I have red reflective tape on parts of the frame for times I've needed to ride at dusk. This is nearly impossible to remove, and also has chips, scratches, and gouges from falls.

It looks like a serviceable road bike that's given a lot of service, because that's what it is .... not a jazzy, snazzy racer bike.

My saddle pack and top-tube food carrier have obviously seen better days. I could have replaced both but decided to keep them and save the $40.

I am not going to look classy, but everything I have works.

My helmet is 4 years old, but it passed inspection. It's got old sticky stuff on it from previous race numbers. It's not one of those pointy outer-space aero helmets, either. Nor is it shiny anymore.

My only pair of bike shorts is in the sink being handwashed, since we don't have a washing machine (live in an RV.)

I'm going to wear my bright blue and orange Ironman Florida jersey.

That, plus my age in plain sight on my calf, should put the fear of God into 'em.


bunnygirl said...

I find bike one-upmanship funny. Whatever you've got is probably superior to than any of the bikes Eddie Merckx rode to win the Tour five times.

It's not the bike, but the engine, so go forth and conquer! :)

A Wild Celtic Rose said...

bar tape?

On your areobars?

I'm not that fancy...

Oh and the age thing?

My 63 year old friend Judy, kicks my ass in triathlons on a regular basis.

Heck, I got passed on the bike portion of the Moses Lake Olympic Distance Triathlon by a 79 year old nun from Spokane (OK it was Sister Madonna Buder, but still...)

What counts, is being out there.

and that my friend.... you are


Anonymous said...

You will have so many people cheering for you just because you have gear they can relate to. Your equipment sends the message of the can-do hard worker.

Last night when I was praying for you the picture flashed in my mind of you throwing your loaded bike over a high chain link fence then clampering over. After that feat of strength and determination - The Wall? HA!

Miss Rachel said...

Go Ellie! You rock.