Monday, December 29, 2008

OR NOT....

Well, we WERE going to leave today. In fact, we got a couple miles down the road before the transmission temperature gauge in the truck shot up to H.

So back to Candy Hill we came, parked the camper, and Steve took the truck to the Ford place. Turns out it was only a sensor problem. That's the good news. Cost $600 to replace it. That's the bad news.

It shot a day of travel, but we'll get going again tomorrow. Guess we'll miss New Year's Eve in New Orleans after all. Oh, well; we'll be there for Mardi Gras.

Although I'm bummed out about the delay and the expense, I guess I'm just as glad not to travel today. While Steve was at the Ford place, I slept for a couple hours. I feel tired and have a headache. Wahhhh..... I haven't been really well since last Saturday, when I developed laryngitis and a cough that got worse until, on the last 2 days before Christmas, I couldn't make a sound and was coughing up crud. Had to tap people on the shoulder to get their attention to whisper something to them. If Steve called to me from another room, I had to go where he was to find out what he wanted, since I couldn't just call, "What?" He'd forget I couldn't talk and think I just hadn't answered.

Anyway, I'm better; coughing only in the morning, not producing any crud, still hoarse but able to talk. Every few days I'm really tired. Today is one of those.

We'll try again tomorrow to leave for New Orleans.


Dee said...

also good news that you were not too far away, and could easily go back. The weather here in east Texas will be in the 30's one day and the 70's the next day. Lots of humidity, and getting everyone here coughing and sputtering.

Miss Rachel said...

Lucky your recording session didn't involve singing!

I hope you make it safely to New Orleans with no more big expenses. Happy new year!

Ellie Hamilton said...

Actually it did. We had to cancel the singing part. My mother was disappointed.... there was something she really wanted me to sing, with guitar.

Ellie Hamilton said...
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