Saturday, November 29, 2008


A couple days ago, Dee posted a thought-provoking essay, Cell Phone vs. Bible.

Suppose I used my Bible as much as I use my cell phone?

I'll tell you right off, I don't.

But what if.... every time I see someone talking on their cell phone, I shoot up a quick arrow prayer to God? For the person on the cell phone? For the ignored cashier checking the phone-user's groceries? For the drivers sharing the road with the phone-user? For the family of the phone-user? For the workers who made the cell-phone? For everyone in the world using a cell-phone at this moment?

Suppose every time I use my phone or hear it ring, I say a short prayer before I put the phone to my ear?

For my family?

For my husband?

For me?

Monday morning I have my long-anticipated, long-worried-about cardiac stress test, the follow-up to my hospitalization for the anxiety attack that I thought might be a heart attack. They'll shoot me up with some kind of nuclear stuff and garner high-tech images of my heart at rest and under stress on the treadmill. Hopefully my tendons will be up to the challenge, able to do what my heart is capable of.... walking fast/jogging on an incline.

I'm mostly over my semi-PTSD from the anxiety attack, but I'm still a little apprehensive about the test.... due to my tendons, I haven't done much real heart-stressing cardio since June, and don't know what will happen when I push to the max, since they never did find out what that attack was. No physician has told me it was a panic attack; I have told them. Maybe it was something else after all.

Then Tuesday morning I have oral surgery. The front tooth I broke at age 10, had crowned after a root canal, bashed against a glass door early this summer, cracking the root with the post to which the crown is attached.... that cracked root has to come out. An implant inserted and bone-grafting and gum-reshaping. Temporary prosthesis, a "flipper"(click for picture) for months and months while the whole thing heals. After I get done hiking the Trail, I'll get a permanent crown.

I'll have to walk around without a front tooth for a week or so until enough healing takes place to use the flipper.

Now I'm going out for my first FIVE-MILE walk on my Achilles Tendonitis Rehab Journey.

Maybe over the next couple days, once or twice when you use your cell phone or see someone using theirs, you could send up a little thought for me and my stress test and my teeth. Thank you...


Boots said...

what a great idea! And I am so attached to this silly computer as well.
Please take of your self and let us know how the stress test goes ( I will keep you in my cell phone--> prayer :)

Anonymous said...

Though we don't own a cell phone this is still a great idea.

Hey, don't stress about the stress test. You're not out to break any records or prove your endurance - the point is a correct diagnosis. That's what I'll be praying for tomorrow.

ShirleyPerly said...

I don't use my cell phone much either but will definitely be thinking of you. Hope both the test and oral surgery go well.