Friday, February 15, 2008


I'm recovered and ready to run the Austin Marathon on Sunday. Except I did short runs Wednesday (20 minutes, to see if I could run) and Thursday (4 miles at 9:42 avg including a couple minutes of walking) and today I feel it a little. Prior to Wednesday it had been 17 days since I'd run a single step. Maybe the pace run on Thursday was a little much.

There's athlete tracking by text or online chip-tracking. My bib number is 4098.

Tomorrow is packet pickup and it could be tricky. BAD WEATHER expected, not the best day to be driving anywhere. See this mess?

The pink is a winter storm moving east; warm moist wind is coming up into the tan section in Texas, where at present there's a "Hazardous Weather Outlook." Strong-to-severe thunderstorms with possible tornadic activity. I'm looking at the hour-by-hour forecast trying to figure out when to slip into town, grab my packet, and scoot back home. Guess I'll skip the expo. I was really looking forward to it but might as well save my money and my energy and get back home before storms start (about 11a.m.) The Weather Channel is calling it "potentially the most dangerous February day in Texas history." Great.

Sunday, however, marathon weather will be practically a dream.
7:00a.m. start -- 48*F, clear
12:00 -- 61*, sunny
Wind -- NW at 10-15mph, the only possible kink. However, the loop course goes more or less north for the first half, and more or less southeast with a net elevation drop the second half, so negative splits are possible.


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