Sunday, December 24, 2006


Yup. Doing speedwork. Going along at a perky pace, put the hammer down some more, got a sharp pain deep in my mid-right-cheek that caused a simultaneous yelp and mid-stride stop, and a discouraged slow limp home.

Been on the Internet. Blinding flash of the obvious: Gluteal strain. Internet wisdom reveals that it's commonly suffered upon a sudden increase in speed or stride for which the body is not prepared.

So today I'm stiff. And limping. My butt cheek hurts. My hamstring is tight. I'm frustrated.... will I be able to pick up my 16-week-marathon-training program (which was officially to start with a 10-miler today) in time for an April 15 marathon?

Maybe I better go down a rung to a 12-week program.

Don't forget to read my previous post, in which I ask for opinions on reading/study material....


From Here to There said...

Many, many posts to catch up on... but wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Little Abbie is growing so fast! What a doll!

runr53 said...

read below please!

Sheila said...

Doesn't necessarily sound like a glute strain, but could be. If your low back (which could be erector spinae, iliopsoas or QL) is tight/weak, will cause glutes to tighten up, particularly piriformis. Piriformis can put pressure on sciatic nerve which will give you the impression of a hamstring problem.

But yeah, increasing volume or intensity too quickly can set things in motion.

Stretch, stretch, stretch, and go to for how to work on your piriformis.